Ganoderma Infused Coffee and Teas

The healing powers of Reishi mushroom, also called Ganoderma Lucidum, are no secret and have been used for thousands of years by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners to treat a wide variety of conditions.

The King of Herbal Medicine

Integrative and functional medicine practitioners, as well as modern biohackers and professional athletes are now using this well tested and time-honored traditional herbal remedy known as the “King of Herbal Medicine” as a must-have addition to supercharge your healing protocol or simply upgrade your current healthy lifestyle regime.

The Reishi mushroom (or Ganoderma) is considered an adaptogen, a special class of healing plants that contain powerful compounds to help you “adapt” better to the stress of modern life, whether you are feeling hyper or fatigued.

These plants work to bring homeostasis (or balance to your body), giving you a helping hand to reach that calm feeling by quenching inflammation and recalibrating in other ways with a collection of bioactive compounds.

Beyond enjoying the adaptogenic boost of Ganoderma, adding it to your daily diet makes sense for overall well-being. A multitude of biomolecular and clinical studies have also shown that Ganoderma delivers so many benefits due to its ability to greatly decrease inflammation. Studies show that it may help protect against (or in some cases help reverse) many chronic illnesses from cognitive decline, heart issues, respiratory conditions, and cancer to name a few.

While Ganoderma has been traditionally used in powdered or broth form, it’s mild flavor makes it a perfect addition to your favorite beverage such as coffee or tea, so that you can enjoy the benefits while your sip.

ORGANO™ Ganoderma products make it easy to integrate this healing plant into your everyday life, the delicious way, so make it your new morning or afternoon ritual!

What Makes ORGANO™ Ganoderma Products So Special?

ORGANO™ is the only North American company that has partnered with the largest certified organic Ganoderma plantations in the world to bring this special healing plant to the Western world.

In 2009, ORGANO™ and its partners celebrated the groundbreaking of their $240 million Gano Herb industrial park, where they personally oversee how ganoderma is grown, the key ingredient in ORGANO™ products.

There are over 2000 published articles on the benefits of Ganoderma and many studies around this healing plant. Most people experience more energy, better focus and concentration, improved stress reduction and an increased calm.

  • Reduce risk of cognitive disorders
  • Gives relief from chronic respiratory conditions
  • Lowers bad cholesterol levels
  • Contains anti-cancer properties
  • Liver-protective
  • Helpful for arthritis and gout
  • Detoxifies body and boosts energy levels

Why Add Ganoderma to Coffe?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages on earth. In fact, its a necessary and much-loved part of most people’s daily morning routine. Nobody has to remind you to consume your coffee, or enjoy it, making it the perfect delivery system for ganoderma.

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Browse All Organo Products

Take The 30-Day Organo Challenge!

For the next 30 days, replace your current coffee with Ganoderma infused coffee by Organo and see if you feel a difference in your health and vitality like so many have reported.Enjoy the benefits of coffee and medicinal mushrooms guilt-free in each cup.For the full effect, we suggest only drinking Organo coffee during this challenge. Please send feedback to

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