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“After practicing medicine for over 20 years, it has become clear to me that we are barely touching the surface by treating patients just with medications for chronic conditions.  It is really not about treating the disease itself but instead treating the patient that has that disease.  This is the foundation of functional medicine – understanding how all lifestyle factors interact to cause certain chronic conditions. Functional medicine goes upstream to find the root cause rather than treating downstream symptoms.” – Dr. Christina Massinople

The interplay between
nutrition, health, and wellness has always intrigued Dr. Massinople.

How we eat, move, and think have such a significant impact on our overall wellbeing, yet the ways in which these factors work with and for each other are largely ignored in our current health model.  

The functional medicine approach goes back to the concept of true health care, instead of sick care. It is medicine that makes sense. Using this knowledge, plus her extensive medical background, Dr. Massinople hopes to help patients that feel stuck or frustrated with our current model for treating chronic disease. This is the driving force behind her clinic, CMass Health and Wellness, MD which has now expanded to become Reimagined MD.  

Professional Background

Dr. Christina Massinople began her journey in the medical field after graduating from Duke University by pursuing research at the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD before going on to medical school at West Virginia University School of Medicine.

She obtained her medical degree in 1997 as a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, and finished her internship in Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University. She then completed her Internal Medicine residency at Methodist Hospital in Memphis, TN. Dr. Massinople stayed on as chief resident then as teaching attending for both Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine at Methodist Hospital. She and her family moved to Mobile in 2002, where she practiced Emergency Medicine for 10 years.

Since then, Dr. Christina Massinople has worked as a physician in urgent care, and has offered treatment in a medical spa setting. In her research to try to find a way to offer nutrition, health, and wellness options in her work, she discovered the Institute for Functional Medicine certification program. This gave her the extra training and tools she needed to open her own functional medicine clinic where she can help those patients that are looking for a different approach to tackle their ongoing chronic illness, or undiagnosed symptoms.

She also specializes in optimizing “well patients” who have no current symptoms but want to improve their overall performance and longterm health.

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