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My journey to becoming a natural fertility specialist.

During Dr. Massinople’s medical training, in addition to her 20+ years of clinical experience, she realized that this root cause approach has largely been ignored. Actually getting to the underlying problem, the root cause of infertility, could help thousands of couples conceive if they just knew it was an option. This really should be a foundational piece for anyone struggling with infertility.

Although she herself did not struggle with fertility issues, Dr. Massinople’s close friends and family members did. It was due to this frustration of not knowing the answer when it came to fertility struggles, combined with finding functional medicine, led her to undergo in-depth training and certification from the Holistic Fertility Institute. Now she is passionate about helping couples overcome their fertility struggles and get pregnant naturally.

Her process not only succeeds at its goal of getting pregnant but sets up the baby and the parents for optimal health and for a long, healthy life.

Discover the 4R Fertility Formula™️ by watching the Masterclass and completing an application to see if you qualify.

The 4R Fertility Formula™

Developed and delivered by Board Certified Physicians, Dr. Massinople and her colleague, Dr. Nashat Latib, the The 4R Fertility Formula™️ helps couples with unexplained infertility, failed IVF / IUI or a history of miscarriage to get pregnant naturally, without invasive, painful or time consuming procedures.

Drs. Massinople and Latib created this program out of frustration with the lack of options for couples struggling to get pregnant. Their unique and thorough approach has seen an 85% success rate in getting couples pregnant!

Both Board Certified Physicians, they uniquely combine 40+ years of clinical experience with certifications in Functional Medicine.

“After nearly 2 years of early morning appointments 
before work, procedures on my body, multiple injections, side effects from the medications, multiple needle sticks for blood work, we were still childless… with no answers.   Then, one weekend morning, I found Reimagined Fertility’s program… for the first time I questioned why we had accepted IVF & IUI as our only option?  

Their meticulously designed program, thoroughness, attention to detail, patience with answering our questions is commendable. 

I am now 24 weeks pregnant, healthier and have more energy and greater mental clarity than ever.   We have been blessed to have their support, ongoing guidance and faith in our ability to have a healthy, happy pregnancy.”

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